Lets Work Together On...

Housing Affordability

As our city grows, all residents should have an opportunity to call Edmonds their home, renters as well as homeowners. As the housing strategy comes together, it must prioritize existing Edmonds residents: from those seeking to age-in-place, to those who may find themselves in a challenging situation.  We should also diversify our housing to include townhomes, apartments, and condominiums. We must factor in the working middle class when expanding our housing base, while balancing it with single family zoned areas. Edmonds must be a town where all can live and thrive.

Open Government, Transparency, and Accessibility

One of my top priorities is to ensure that residents are informed and involved in decisions that affect all of us. Accessibility to council meetings is important, and public input should be welcomed on any item that Council will be voting on. COVID created opportunities for more people to be engaged via virtual meetings.  As we ease back into in-person meetings, it is essential that we create hybrid opportunities to keep residents and community contributors engaged. It's important that residents are able to share their views proactively instead of a reactive stance. I will also advocate for neighborhood meetings where council members will be more accessible and seen outside of City Hall.

Economic Development

Let's make sure the Edmonds business community as a whole is highlighted and supported, not just those that are downtown. Retail hubs across all of our neighborhoods, such as Firdale Village, Westgate, and Perrinville, should be promoted with the same vigor as is done for our downtown merchants. Edmonds is both a destination city as well as a transit hub. With the amount of commuter and ferry traffic we have on a daily basis, I will work with the City and merchants on how to best capture and grow business in the area.

Smart Growth and Development

I don't believe in "Density for density's sake". I am committed to instituting smart building practices in Edmonds, both commercial and residential. As a green city, Edmonds should place a greater focus on green building practices as well as mixed-use developments, especially along our transportation corridors. Again, any additional housing stock should fold in townhomes, condos, and apartments. We must also institute changes that will allow homeowners to build detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to accommodate needs such as a growing family, or aging in place. I want to work with the rest of Council to  ensure that whatever developments come to Edmonds are built with the best interests of our residents in mind. 

Public Safety, Safe Neighborhoods, and Gun Violence

In Washington State, someone is killed by a gun every 14 hours. Across our communities, including Edmonds, families are experiencing the tragedy of gun violence every day. It does not have to be this way. We know what it takes to keep our communities safe from gun violence, but we need leaders with the political courage to act on it. Gun violence isn't limited to the "mean streets" of the big city. From the classroom to the workplace, we are impacted everywhere. I will stand up to the gun lobby and fight for solutions that will help keep gun violence in all its forms out of our communities. I will also commit to ensuring that our existing gun responsibility laws are effectively implemented.